Bar (Rod)

Aluminum round bar is offered in a range of alloys.

These alloys offer a range of corrosion resistance, strength, weldability and conductivity, with uses across many applications and industries.

Available Options

Outside Diameter : 0.25"~ 10"

LengthB : 24" ~ 144"



1060, 6005A-T6, 6026-T6, 6060-T5, 6060-T66, 6061, 6061-T4, 6061-T6, 6061-T6511, 6063-T1, 6063-T5, 6063-T591, 6063-T6



  • Kitchenware, food and chemical products processing and storage devices;
  • Aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipe, rivets, wire;
  • Cans cover, car body panels, steering plates, stiffeners,brackets and other components;
  • Manufacturing trucks, tower building, ship, train, furniture, machinery parts,precision machining with the tubes, rods, shaped, sheet metal.